Thursday, May 28, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Blog Recap: Obama, GLBT Civil Rights

To recap, aside from some nice invitations to some DC GLBT families to attend the White House egg roll -- and a few appointments within the ranks of the administration:

  • HIV Travel Ban -- Still in place
  • DADT -- Still in place
  • DOMA -- Still in place
  • Uniting American Families Act --in Congress, no statement from the WH
  • ENDA -- in Congress, tepid statement of support
  • Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Prevention Act -- waiting for the Senate, tepid support from the WH
  • Vermont? No Response
  • Iowa? No Response
  • New Hampshire? No Response
  • Maine? No Response
  • California & Proposition H8? No Response

Obama's Radical Pragmatism indeed...


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