Thursday, May 28, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Promise? What Promise?

from the NYT "The Caucus" blog...
"A gaggle of sign-waving protestors milled around outside The Beverly Hilton, the sprawling hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. They must have caught the president’s eye when he arrived at the hotel from an earlier stop in Las Vegas because he relayed one of their messages to the crowd.

'One of them said, “Obama keep your promise,’ the president said. 'I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.'

The people in the audience – who paid $30,400 per couple to attend – laughed as they ate a dinner of roasted tenderloin, grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes."

Feel free to take this image and put it on your blog -- or even on a poster or t-shirt. Just do me the favor of linking back here and/or putting a link to your blog (or a picture of the graphic in action) in the comments. Thanks!


Polly said...

Brother, you should print this on T-shirts, make a mint at Prides this year, and plow the proceeds into your favorite queer civil rights org. I'll tell you right now I'd buy one.

Mike said...

I just may do that... thanks!

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