Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PostHeaderIcon The Unsubscription

When I donated to the Obama campaign last year -- glad to do it, would do it again -- I was, of course, added to the email database for the campaign. It was interesting enough to get the daily missives from the trail and like many, made you feel a part of the larger movement.

After the campaign, the organization was morphed into "Organizing for America" -- sort of the keep the grass-roots efforts going to help pass the Obama agenda. Being a political junkie of sorts, it was mildly entertaining to watch them to try and gin up the base in support of this legislation or that. Mostly, though, I ignored the emails.

Until today.

Since our President has seen fit to be silent as the tide turns on civil marriage, offered tepid support to passage of the Matthew Shepard Act --and just fired his first service member under DADT (an Arab linguist no less!), I'm no longer interested in even being on the mailing list.

As I noted in an earlier post, "Obama's Radical Pragmatism", his passivity on GLBT civil rights issues can only be changed by upping the ante.

So, I've thrown my proverbial shoe: I unsubscribed to "Organize for America" and told them why. And I'm urging others to do the same.


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