Monday, August 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon The Winds of Change Are Blowing...

It's been quite a tumultuous couple of weeks -- what with a Federal Judge striking down Proposition 8 in a damning legal opinion and then refusing to stay the order on appeal (at least after 8/19)... and while we don't quite know where and when it will all end, if marriage is opened up for same-sex couples, the consequences seemed pretty clear to everyone:

None of which, of course, did anything to stop this summer's madcap NOM mystery tour -- or hate-fest 2010... the final "they shoot horses" leg of which limped into Washington, D.C. this past weekend.  By all accounts, the final stop lived up to the stellar failure of the rest of the bus ride.  Pro-equality folks outnumbered the "Slaggies" -- with words of hope, love and acceptance rising above the din of bigotry and hate.

To quote our young hero, Will Phillips, "My generation will be the change you fear most in the world.”


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