Friday, April 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Mayor Annise Parker: Out & Equal Houston Trailblazer

Last night I had the privilege of presenting the 2010 Out & Equal Houston Trailblazer Award to Mayor Annise Parker.  The Trailblazer Award is presented to a person, group or company that has demonstrated commitment to LGBT workplace equality and inclusion.

In presenting the award, I noted that
"... a 'trailblazer' in not just someone who gets there first.  There are plenty of examples of people being first and doing nothing more.  A true trailblazer is someone who helps the next person get there as well...

One of the more remarkable things that happened during last year's campaign was the conversation that it engendered. People from all parts of the political spectrum were actually talking about whether or not a person's sexual orientation had any bearing on their ability to do their job.

We all know how the election turned out. Voters chose competency and honesty over ignorance and the political low road.

The conversation may have started in Houston, but simply looking at reaction in the national and international press, it has grown well beyond our city's borders -- something that we, as citizens, can be very proud of."


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