Thursday, February 25, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Why the light blog posting...

And lack of pithy political commentary...

  1. Working
  2. Family issues -- especially dealing with a sibling that has, over the last month:
    • Gone missing while ostensibly moving back to Houston
    • Totalled his car after being found and brought back
    • Been diagnosed (finally) with HIV
    • Working with the parental units to get this all under control, while
  3. Working
  4. Getting the local regional affiliate of Out & Equal up and running among other things...
I know my generation is supposed to be able to easily compartmentalize and multi-task, but it's been a rather trying last four weeks....

Oh -- and did I mention getting our company team organized for the 2010 AIDS Walk Houston?

I guess I can do more than one thing a time -- biting commentary on all things political (and the usual errata) will start up again in March.

In the mean time, please click over to one of the better blogs I read:  Joe.My.God .  Although we've never met in person, I have something of an affinity for his point of view.


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