Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Well, what did we learn this week (as we get ready for the extended Memorial Day Weekend)?

President Obama wants us to hold fast to our American values and ideals -- and still kick the terrorists butts. Former Vice-President Dick (Darth) Cheney says if you don't agree with him on torture and the Bush Doctrine, you're a hippy traitor. Besides, torture is FUN.

Ronald Reagan (Junior) says sex-tourist and addict el Rushbo's man-boobs and erectile disfunction are fair game. And Governor "Goodhair" Perry's consultant thinks Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is making the GOP into a whorehouse.

New Hampshire is having problems making last week's historic vote stick. While Illinois may approve civil unions next week. Marie Osmond, meanwhile, sticks by her lesbian daughter.

The Pentagon "has no plans to repeal DADT" -- and continues the march forward on dismissing eminently qualified personnel. 207 to date, to be exact. Press Spokesman Gibbs continues to be the incoherent voice of the administration on the issue. John Stewart breaks it down.

Off for the durations... so have a happy Memorial Day!


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