Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon In NY, NY for the next couple of days...

I'm in NYC to attend the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index Awards tomorrow.

It's always quite an adventure making the trek from the airport to your hotel in the city... I was glad to have my iPhone and GPS directions to be able to direct the cabby to my hotel. (I'm staying at the Essex House off of Central Park. Very nice room, although it's only got an interior view. I just couldn't see adding another $300/night for a city-view.)

My only grumble on this trip has nothing to do with the trip, but with iTunes. The latest update screwed up my libraries and sych profiles... and even though I partially restored them, none of the movies I had selected for this trip didn't sych... which I didn't see until on the plane. meh.


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