Sunday, January 11, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Side Dish Sunday: Recap

Since I started this blog a little more than one year ago, I've posted over 100 recipes -- many of which came from my paternal grandmother's Glenwood Park United Methodist Church Cookbook (1968) compiled by their Methodist Women's Group.

Having taken a break from posting (mostly) for the holidays, I'll be restarting the effort for 2009 this week. Same "Recipe Fridays", "Side Dish Sundays" and "Just Desserts" on Tuesdays -- but with a focus this year on "meal management". That's a course I took in college which, although considered a "fluff" senior course, really taught me how to plan and prepare food with an eye to budget and nutrition.

In the mean time -- here are the 30 side dish recipes from 2008:


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