Monday, November 17, 2008

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Close on the heels of the GOP myth that a 50.1% win by Bush was a mandate, but that a 4% point win by Obama shows a "deeply divided country"... we now have the:

"Obama should govern according to what the GOP minority wants, because that's what the people really elected him to do..."


There is a growing chorus of wingnuts who are actually arguing that the way back to power is to keep an Obama administration -- elected by a progressive, center-left coalition on a theme of change -- from enacting the agenda he espoused during the campaign. Because obstructing that agenda will do two things:
  1. Show that the GOP is still relevent
  2. Set up Obama to be a "failure" because he didn't cooperate with the right-wingers still left in government

In otherwords, we're back to the Bush Doctrine of Bi-Partisanship: Do what the Republicans want or you're the one being partisan.

Echos of the Gingrich government shut-down loom large.


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