Friday, October 17, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Houston HRC Event -- Evening of Politics

Last night, the HRC Federal Club in Houston hosted an event at the Hobby Center for local politicians from the progressive side of the aisle to mix and mingle -- and to talk politics (local, state and national).

City Comptroller, Anise Parker addressed the crowd early and introduced the slate of candidates for local & state that have been endorsed by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. Not surprisingly, all the endorsements were of Democrats -- but that's probably because of two things:

  1. Local GOP officials will be thrown out of their party for even filling out a form for any group that has G, L, B or T associated with it
  2. They're typically from the Christianist Radical wing of the GOP (which is basically the entire Texas GOP) and because they're wrong on the issues wouldn't get an endorsement anyway (Log Cabiners on the committee notwithstanding).

It was a nice evening -- the venue was picture perfect: Founders Club @ the Hobby Center... and I was glad to see Chris Bell, Michael Skelley (hopefully my next congress critter), Anise Parker, Sue Lovell and a host of other pols.

I will post some video clips of Joe Solmonese talking about Prop 8 -- as soon as I pare them down to under the 100MB limit Blogger puts on video uploads.

Blogger Ethics Note: I am not only a member of the HRC Federal Club, but was also one of the hosts for last nights gathering.


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