Friday, October 17, 2008

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The 2008 Revolution is brought to you by the heretofore mislabled or ignored Generation Jones.

As a member of that generation -- and I can tell you that I do not relate to the Boomers or the Xers (and don't get me started on Gen Whine) -- I'm glad to see the potentiallity of having a President who is my age and generational sensibility.

Just to note, as a GJer:

  • We're not afraid of new technology nor are we entirely enamored of it -- ours was the first generation to ditch the slide rules for calculators, watched color television, but still spent plenty of time playing outside.

  • We will question authority but not reflexively -- we believe in boundaries, but also like flexibility.

  • We didn't experience the "Summer of Love" but were hitting our experimentation stride when AIDS came on the scene. In the gay community, my generation was nearly lost completely.

  • We did not participate in the full turmoil of the Civil Rights Movement, but were touched by it growing up -- our generation was among the second generation of desegregated schools.

  • We started coming of age during the stagflation of the 1970's and mostly bought into the illusion of Reagan's morning in America... we embraced the Preppy Handbook as a bible.

We're now in the position of taking the reins at companies and corporations -- as the Boomers settle into semi-retirement -- and the GenXers and Gen Whiners complain about not getting the corner office after only 2 years of service.


AStanhope said...

The "Generation Jones" meme has been getting some real traction of late. I must confess that it is new to me, but now that I am aware of it I am seeing it everywhere.

There was a post on Huffington Post today about it:

[Huffington Post]

Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and MSNBC fame has been touting it:

[Clarence Page]

Generation Jones even has its own website!


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