Saturday, October 25, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Early Voting Made Easy

Yesterday, I went to vote at the West Gray Community Center. Having gone through the trials of early voting there on other occasions -- and given the reports that early voting numbers are running double what they were in 2004 -- I was prepared for a long wait in line.

Parking was a bit of a problem -- I wound up a fair piece away in the Office Depot parking lot across the street -- but overall, not unexpected.

I was wearing an Obama t-shirt, but with a jacket to cover it up... and of course the first thing that one of the McSame people did was to confront me as I walked toward the center. I promptly buttoned up my jacket, but that wasn't good enough for them -- so I turned and asked, "How would you like your picture taken and sent in with a complaint of voter intimidation?"

From what I could see, there was a fair bit of the usual GOP skullduggery going on -- trying to misinform first-time voters about what the rules were... but there were plenty of Obama people out to put a stop to it.

Anyway, long lines? Yes. But they moved very quickly. It only took me 45 minutes from first walking in the door to casting my ballot.

Two things sped the process: swiping your Texas Drivers License with electronic check on the voter rolls and straight-ticket voting. I didn't see anyone spend than a few seconds in the booths.

And if this story in today's Chronicle is any indication, we may see the effects down-ballot and a democratic sweep here in Harris County.


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