Saturday, September 13, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Wrapping up Out & Equal

Quite an eventful week -- Ike certainly had an impact on just about everything... including the O&E conference. Many folks either didn't come or pulled out early to avoid getting caught by the hurricane.

But those of us who stayed (it just made more sense from a safety standpoint) have had a good time at the summit. It's still probably the most important and strategic LGBT workplace rights gathering around. Even with Ike, there were still upwards of 2,000 conference participants.

This was my 7th trip, so I didn't feel the need to drag myself out of bed for the Saturday morning workshops -- so we all met at 10:30 to break-down the exhibit booth.

Plans for the rest of the weekend -- afternoon (closing) plenary session with Arriana Huffington as the keynote and then dinner and Oilcan Harry's later in the evening.

The Houston-contingent here have extended our reservation until Monday but will meet at breakfast tomorrow to assess next steps... there's no sense in getting on the roads to go home to no power and no water.

I am kind of worried about the damage to my apartment -- so I continue to scour the news blogs for pictures of the Galleria area and in particular right near Hotel Derek. I expect to have the windows in my bedroom blown out -- they were always rattling very loose during any wind storm.


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