Sunday, September 14, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Waiting to Return

No side-dishes today -- although, I enjoyed the individual ramikans of breakfast polenta at the conference and will disect and post the recipe next Sunday... today is a day to plan for tomorrow's return home. In other words, waiting mode.

Here's my plan so far:

Sunday Evening -- pack everything up except for what to wear on Monday. Plug in all electricals to fully charge for the trip home.

Monday (A.M.)
8:00 -- get up and check conditions over breakfast -- including route check
10:00 -- Check out / Pack Car / Head out

10 - ? Along the Way...
  • Top off tank before leaving Austin; Get extra gas can if available at Chevron station.
  • Stop for lunch at Columbus (?) & then grocery shop for supplies
  • Make way back
  • Hopefully back home by 4? (It's normally a 3+ hour drive so I anticipate adding 2-3 hours for traffic and other re-routes.)

Back-up plan is to head for Mom & Dad's -- they might not have power in their subdivision, but it is our fall-back position.


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