Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Update: Bringing this back up to the top as I put in additional observational links for easy access.

Safely here in Austin -- because of the happy (or not) coincidence of being in town for the Out & Equal Summit... but still monitoring the situation as Ike bears down on Houston.

Those of us in the Chevron Houston contingent have already made plans to stay in Austin through Monday... and will likely convoy for the drive back when the all-clear is sounded... and we think it likely that Sunday may be too early.

Currently not functioning:

(For those that are unfamiliar with Hurricane Allison and what it did to Houston -- had not 9/11 happened, the flooding of Houston -- including more than 40 dead and several billion in damages -- would have been THE disaster of 2001... but most of the nation never saw the images because it happened the weeked prior to the OKC Bomber, Tim McVeigh's execution.)


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