Sunday, September 14, 2008

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The Chron is reporting that 1 in 4 in the area now have power back on -- and the latest map I saw from Centerpoint showed my neighborhood as at least partially restored... I'll see when I get back home tomorrow.

Other good news:
The Beer Can House survived as did most of Houston's historic landmarks -- including the buildings in Sam Houston Park.

The weather should start to cooperate on Monday -- cold front came through (cold for us -- highs in the 80's, lows in the 60's) -- sunny and mild.

According to reports, Chevron's main buildings suffered only minor damage. Chevron Plaza (1500 Louisiana) has double-paned windows... and although some 300 panes were damaged, only 4 actually broke through into the building. Minor damage to the roof tiles on the 40th floor and to the roof of the sky-ring. 1400 Smith suffered a bit more intrusion -- but still very minor.

Here's what they looked like before Ike... when I can take the follow-up's, I'll post them.


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