Monday, September 15, 2008

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This is the view outside my door... the first photo is how it normally looks. The second photo is A.I. (After-Ike).

Usually, our courtyard is lush, green and filled with crepe myrtle blooms. The good news is, that crepe myrtle's thrive on being cut back. They'll be back in shape and probably blooming in about 3 weeks. The kumquat tree to the left lost a big limb -- where we usually have a brood of mockingbirds nesting. Hopefully, they'll come back as well. The large magnolia tree lost a lot of leaves and some small branches -- but most of those leaves (like on some of the live oaks around the complex) generally drop about a month from now anyway. Below is a slide show of some other views around my neighborhood -- walking only... no driving around right now!


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