Saturday, August 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon McSame's Choice

As Shannen Coffin, over at the NRO noted:
"... it is a bit of a political Hail Mary pass.

Second, that he is one arrogant SOB. McCain is essentially telling the
world that he doesn't really need a Vice President."

I would go one step further. McSame is basically telling the American electorate that his own political expediency has a higher value than the safety, security and future prosperity of this country.

We have had enough of politics trumping principle, cronyism over competency and right-wing ideology before national interests. That is the Bush legacy and mantle that this ersatz "maverick" seeks.

Watching and listening to the so-called excitement being ginned up by the Limbaugh-Hannity axis over this ticket, I feel like I'm watching a gambling addict writing that last check to hit the tables... knowing full well, that the money was meant for the mortgage... they just know the next roll will be a hit. No really... this time is for real. Seriously...

The choice of VP is the first and probably most critical decision of a President.

McSame failed.


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