Sunday, August 31, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Gustav takes aim... the lessons of Katrina

There will be much talk over the next few days about whether or not "we" have learned appropriately from Katrina (and Rita).

As we look anxiously forward and scornfully back, here are some links to contemporaneous accounts.

And remember the juxtoposition of an effective (Democrat) mayor with ffailure of action by FEMA... the cronyism and politicization of FEMA and the federal government -- along with the Rovian emphasis on photo-ops versus substance by the Bush administration.

"Houston and Harris County residents polled after evacuees arrived here said
they felt White did the best job of handling the crisis. This is in stark
contrast to the response following Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 to then-mayor
Lee Brown. He was perceived as a bad manager, and in an election just a few
months later, he lost many votes.

The positive response to White’s leadership was reflected in the November 8
election, where he won an unprecedented 91 percent of the vote, and, Stein said,
his political career beyond serving as Houston’s mayor may be bolstered. Texas
Governor Rick Perry and President George W. Bush, however, were not perceived as favorably. The perception of Bush, and the federal government in general, could
lead to a debate about the national response to natural disasters."


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