Monday, July 28, 2008

PostHeaderIcon New Ideas for Energy in Houston

Some musing... Houston has an abundance of two things: humidity and sunshine... there ought to be a way to tap into that.

I wonder if anyone has thought to use the roof-tops for city property (including the top floor of the parking garages) for banks of solar panels... or making the various park-and-ride lots around the city both covered lots and using the roof area for solar energy generation.
Looking at a picture from Google Earth at downtown, there are plenty of spots that would provide acres of solar panels -- Bayou Place, Wortham Center and the George R. Brown stand out.

Another thing we have is lots of traffic -- what about vertical windmills placed strategically in and around our freeway systems that could recapture some of the energy lost in transportation to wind capture.
They could be both beautiful and utilitarian... and we certainly could use a different view along stretches of 59 South heading to Sugarland.


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