Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PostHeaderIcon McSame on Gay Adoption

First he says he's against gays adopting... then his campaign says, well, not so much in a "clarification".

At which point, gay GOP apologist Dale Carpenter does the usual LCR tantric twist to make noise about this "welcome development".

The problem is: McSame has not made the statement himself.

Whenever a campaign makes a so-called "clarification" -- it usually means they want to blur the picture from what is the candidate's actual views. The MSM (and certain bloggers) are all-too-willing to dutifully report said press release as if it truly came from the candidate's mouth -- and in the case of McSame, there is a pattern within the press to never hold him accountable for ANYTHING he actually says.

As Dan Savage points out, McSame's real views are apparent to anyone who actually looks at both his statements and his record.

Let me repeat this for all those that think McSame is a centrist:
  • He is against reproductive choice (including contraception)
  • He is against civil equality for gays and lesbians (including ANY marital rights or recognition)
  • He wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare
  • He is a hard-core conservative -- always has been and always will be.

Get it? Got it? GOOD!


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