Sunday, May 25, 2008

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I drive a hybrid -- a made-in-the-USA, Ford Escape Hybrid. I get 32-35 MPG in normal mixed driving.

My former car only got 15 MPG (on a good day), so my fuel usage has been cut in half. The economic impact?

Here's a breakdown of how that impacts my bottom line:

Basically, gas has to get to over $5.75/gallon for me to get back to where my annual fuel bill was 2 years ago. The savings on gas have already paid for the so-called "premium" of buying a hybrid (vs. a standard gas-powered vehicle)... and by the end of this year, will have paid for the extended service package I also bought -- which takes care of all the maintenance costs. (Well, actually, the tax credit I got for buying the car paid for that... but assuming I hadn't gotten any tax incentive, which you don't on any model that has had sales over 50K in a year.)

All this means is that I'm better able to absorb the higher costs for food and other items -- to a point, of course.

Price (gallon)Old CarHybridSavings


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