Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Stranger things have happened -- especially now that it looks like the Texas Board of Higher Education isn't going to let the "Institute for Creation Research" become accredited for teaching science. (Given the tilt of 'guvment' in our great state towards anything and everything that thumps the Bible, this is actually welcome -- if unexpected -- news.)

Of course, this has angered the head of this "teaching" organization -- no doubt they would love to turn out more "science" teachers like this one. Besides using electrostatic shock to brand children with crosses, lay hands on them in "healing", apparently one of his brighter educational techniques is to throw a bunch of Legos into a pile to see if the pile will build itself like evolutionists say life built itself on Earth.

He (and the rest of the creationist nuts) probably missed this little note on rapid evolution in lizards. (h/t -- National Geographic)

Hopefully, the full assault on science that has typified the last 20 years of GOP ascendancy is at an end.


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