Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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OMG -- Hillary beats Obama by 10 points in Pennsylvania... obviously she needs to drop out immediately.

So -- of course -- you see the folks from ObamicaBlog, the Daily Obama and the Kosbama trotting out the farcicle argument that because BO can't seem to close the deal, it's Hillary's fault for not being the nice girl and dropping out.

This is such nonsense.

Fact: Neither candidate can get the nomination without the so-called super-delegates.

Fact: Obama has been unable to win ANY large electoral-rich state outside of his home of Illinois.

Fact: Even if you factor in 1/2 of the Clinton votes going for Obama in the big states -- he still loses to McCain -- because unlike the Democratic nomination process, the real election is winner-takes-all.

In the end, it will either be Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama -- that's the only way to keep the party together and win against Bush 3.


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