Wednesday, March 5, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Wednesday - post primary

Still waiting to see the final results of the primacaucuses, but one thing is clear: Hillary won the popular vote... and if my precinct meeting was any indication, the caucuses won't be quite the blow-out that the Obamaniacs were anticipating.

And before anyone starts confusing the indignation felt by many fellow Clinton supporters as "sour grapes" or "being pissed because this was supposed to be a coronation", don't go there. The only folks talking in terms of entitlement right now are in the Obama camp... and their actions at the caucuses smacked of that attitude big-time.

So, I'll be waiting to hear if I'm selected as an alternate or delegate to the Senate District Convention -- probably won't be since I had to leave before the final bit of the meeting -- but there were plenty of others there to take up the cause.


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