Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Primary / Caucus Day

Well -- cast my first vote of the day and got my ticket to come back this evening for the caucus.

It was very interesting, I ran into a little old lady who came by to get a ticket for the evening -- having already voted early... but she "heard from Bill Clinton that I had to come back and vote again." She wasn't sure how the whole caucus thing worked, but I explained it to her -- the election judge was pretty much worthless in his explanation -- and she was all happy to be back @ 7:00 this evening to take part (and vote Hillary).

On the way back to my car, another woman stopped me to ask if this was the polling place -- she remarked that she wasn't sure since there no signs except for Obama's... but as she said, "That doesn't mean anything."

My precinct generally tends to be older (mature) -- with the younger crowd being more transient and less likely to vote or participate. It will be interesting to see how that breaks (or doesn't) for Obama or Clinton tonight.

If the precinct meeting has WiFi, I'll try to do a little semi-live blogging of the happenings.


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