Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Caucus Update

No wireless -- just chaos... and boy am I tired!

I just got back from the caucus here in the Galleria area in Houston... all I can say is: wow.
First, I don't think I've ever seen that many Dems in one room in this part of Houston -- more than 200 showed up for the caucus. We're a pretty GOP district, so it was kind of amazing. The overall crowd was very mixed -- old, young, black, white, gay, straight, and a few more men than women.

The results wound up being evenly split for taking delegates to the next level in the process -- 10 for Clinton / 11 for Obama.

That was the good. Now the bad.

I wish I could say it was a cordial process or meeting. The Obama camp was out in full force and were pretty much badgering Hillary supporters all along the way -- looking over their shoulders as we signed in on the caucus sheets, telling people that they needed a photo ID (not true if you have your voter card), and generally being pains in the behind (but only to elderly and obviously Hillary supporters). A couple Obama workers were kicked out of the room for having people sign in on clip boards (not official sheets) and telling them that they had voted so they could leave. They kept spouting rules to people that were simply not official rules --I had to tell one "observer" to step back and watch and quit interfering with people trying to vote. It was depressing to see a Democrat trying to supress someone's vote.

The election judge had to step in to iron things out.

The final vote tally (sign-in sheet) was only 10 votes apart -- but I watched several Obama voters sign in without presenting any proof of voting or ID... after the Clinton observer left. I suspect there may be protests at the Senate District level -- by both sides. I overheard several from the Obama camp talking about needing to stack the delegates and strike as many Hillary votes from the roster as possible on March 29.

The thing that really left a bad taste in my mouth was when we voted for precinct chair. A Clinton supporter was nominated and said she would work hard to help build the party and support whomever the eventual nominee was in the general. The Obama supporter that was nominated stood up and said, I'm XXX and I support Barack. That was it. So much for mending fences going into the general.

I wonder how the other precincts went... I'm bushed and am going to bed (rodeo bright & early tomorrow -- maybe I can touch the tractor that Obama's ass was perched in today.)


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