Monday, March 31, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Back from Sin City

Vegas was fun -- it usually is -- but this was a nice respite from the daily drudgery.

Let me start with:

Elton John: the Red Piano
It was a wonderful, adult semi-biographical romp through his career and music. Having not had the opportunity to see him in the glory days of his larger concerts, I can't compare experiences -- but this was a great and more intimate setting... with a bit of the "over-the-top" spectacle you would expect.
It was a bit disconcerting to see young children in attendance, however. I can only imagine their parent's reaction to seeing the video display during the "Philadelphia Freedom" performance -- with vintage porn and strippers bursting onscreen in kalaidescopic melange of sixties imagery.
"Candle in the Wind" -- poignant as ever... "Daniel" -- we got to see what the lyrics really meant.
"The Bitch is Back" -- Pamela Anderson pole dancing, with giant legs and breasts filling the stage... were just some of the images that will stay with me.
On the whole, it was a wonderfully entertaining evening (I even pulled $50 bucks out of the slots at Caesar's... although I gave it back at Rio.)


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