Saturday, February 9, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Gen Y or Generation Whine

One of the observations that most folks (even the pundits) have noticed is the generational difference (perhaps) between the Obamaniacs and the Hillbots.

My biggest problem is that Gen Y or Gen Whine as I call them is an entirely untested voting group.

My experience with this generation is that they expect, want, crave attention -- and when they don't get it, they bitch and moan and walk away. They are overwhelmingly unwilling to "play" when they think that the "process" is to onerous or time-consuming. They are the text-message generation and don't believe or support anyone who doesn't kow-tow to their particular sensibilities.

Don't pet them -- and they walk.

Which is why Obama is wonderful for them -- they get all the stroking they need and a blank slate that they can write their own story upon. Hillary has a problem with this group -- they don't like details. Details are something that are supposed to be taken care of for them. (Which is what their parents and caregivers have done to the point of stupidity.)

So Obama is probably correct when he says that he can get Hillary's voters and she'll have problems getting his.

The problem for Obama? Generation Whine gets over their crushes faster than you can create a fountain with Mentos and Diet Coke. When their attention shifts -- as it will -- is the big X factor going into November.

The other generational factor -- and the big difference between the Obama and Clinton campaigns? Do you want a movement or a coalition?


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