Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PostHeaderIcon From the Bowels of the Movement

One of the problems with "movement" politics is that the movement followers tend to want purity over pragmatism... this kind of energy is great, if tempered by leadership that knows how to harness the fervor without engendering a backlash.

It's a fine line to walk -- and harder to accomplish: you risk ticking people off that might normally support you and you risk losing support from your followers when you transgress into what they perceive as heresy.

I wonder when the "disappointment moment" will happen with Obama... and whether that will be enough to tamp down his base of "new" support.

(Of course the flip side is the Clinton campaign, which banked on experience and competence, but failed to ignite the kind of passion -- however short-lived -- of the Obamaniacs. My hope is that Hillary be given the opportunity to become Obama's LBJ, should she not pull off winning Texas and Ohio.)


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