Sunday, January 20, 2008

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I will admit to reading Andrew Sullivan on occasion -- it's like watching Faux News -- better than coffee to get my blood pumping.

It is difficult to take someone seriously (small s) who, throughout the 2000 Bush campaign and particularly post-9/11, spent so much effort waxing poetically about GWB as an historically transforming and uniting figure. The slightest action -- however out of context -- was trumpeted as positive change and used to bash those who were skeptical as out of the mainstream. (Gays didn't have to worry about being bashed under the Bush adminstration, why he once said hello to one!)

Disdain was too mild a word for those who might be wistful enough for the Clinton years to want Al Gore to win. After 9/11, those of us who knew what a truly ill-equipped man-child with delusions of competency Bush is were dismissed and demonized as traitors.

True enough, times changed and the sheer incompetence of this President -- not to mention the gutting of civil liberties and a host of other high crimes -- took much of the bloom off the rose for Sully.

Thankfully for AS, he's now in hog heaven. He can affirm his man-crush on Obama and feed his vitriol-filled addiction to Clinton bashing.

In Andy's world, Obama is savior -- he's looked into his eyes and seen his soul. (He hasn't really taken the time to look at Obama's record or the dealt with legitimate criticisms... that would conflict with the world-view he espouses.) Hillary, however, is a dark soul -- devoid of ethics, pathos or humanity. Obama is Christ incarnate, each speech a "sermon on the mount". Hillary is Satan herself, every word triangulated. (With Bill reprising his role as Loki.)

It's a nice narrative. Simple, compelling, easy to write blog-entries requiring no intellectual honesty or real writing. But that's Sully's forte.

Pity we've heard it all before... it was wrong then, it's wrong now. He needs to go back to shilling for his book. (It's only $8.95 on Amazon -- add another nickel and you can get Mary Cheney's tome as well.)


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