Saturday, January 5, 2008

PostHeaderIcon The Road to the White House

Being a political junkie -- left of center (see the blog roll) -- I have been watching what purports to be "news"... but agree with Atrios and ThinkProgress, it's mostly an embarassing display of pundit fluffery.

Yes, Obama's win (38%) was impressive -- but that still means that 62% of Democrats wanted someone else. What I found most interesting was that Hillary's numbers (at barely #3) were larger than the GOP winner, Huckabee.

Huckabee's win was interesting, if not unexpected. After all, the only consistent block of voters willing to come out for the GOP come from the religious right -- a group that won't coalesce behind Guiliani, is uncomfortable with a Mormon and distrusts McCain. What I don't understand is how anyone that isn't reading off the Faux News talking points can see a fourth-place slot for McCain as a "win"... it's just another example of certain folks in the press trying to control the narrative rather than reporting on the actualities.

About the image: U. S. Capitol Dome Fresco (9/24/2007)
What I like is how George Washington is seen pointing to the Consitution, and specifically the articles which set up the Presidency. Would that the next occupant of the White House understand that document and their oath to preserve and protect (and uphold) it.


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