Monday, January 28, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Lost Weekend(s)

I normally would have posted something about the SC primary or other thoughts over the weekend, but frankly, I was too tired. Last weekend was sandwiched in between trips to California -- and last week's trip was VERY trying.

Between flight delays of 1 (Friday) to 4 hours (Monday), luggage problems, car rental problems, no sun -- just grey, rain & cold, and getting rear-ended by a blonde East-bay girl in a TransAm (and probably on her cell phone), I couldn't muster much energy for anything except sleep. The real irritation about last week's drama is the paperwork I have to do this week with our safety reps. Talk about administrativia.

Oh well, that was then, this is now.

This week, I'm back in Cali again -- and the sun is shining for a change!

I just hope that the cadence of travel back and forth this year isn't quite the hectic pace I had last year... (I'm fine with maintaining Silver Elite on Continental -- getting Gold this last year nearly killed me.) It's probably false hope given that most of the team is based in San Ramon, not Houston, but we muster on.


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