Tuesday, January 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Florida (sans chads)

Walnuts wins on the GOP side, no news yet as to whether or not 9/11 Nellie will bow out tomorrow (rumored) or wait until after the California debate later this week.

Hillary pulls out what I consider a decisive and impressive win -- even though no delegates have been awared (yet). Why is it impressive? Because the news cycles have been constant on the Obama surge and the Billary plunge. Add regular Obama political ads (yes, a "national buy" but included in all Florida cable markets) and just the general temperature in the blogosphere after Teddy's endorsement, the table was set for this "beauty contest" to be much tighter. But it wasn't.

Two things bode well for the Dems -- overall turnout still seems to favor the Dems... even without active campaigns for the top of the ticket. And Hillary's win means Super Tuesday looms even larger.

More than that, it also means that states like Texas can actually look forward to at least having some sort of Democratic race for delegates -- a pleasant change for those of us who regard our previous role of piggy bank as not-so-great.


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