Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PostHeaderIcon 42%

As I posted yesterday, early voting turnout in Texas was 42% of registered voters. Total voting is expected to top 60% easily -- a remarkable turnaround.

I know that -- supposedly -- the Presidential pick is "in the bag" for states like California, New York and Texas... but still, it was exciting to go to the polls this year (I voted early) and cast a ballot for a Democratic ticket that shows every sign of being the winner.

Turn-out matters. Whether in a "locked up", "solid red" or "solid blue" state or not -- it's remarkable that because of the Democratic battle during the primaries and because of Dean's 50-state strategy (not to mention the abysmal performance by the erstwhile Shrub), Texas will be close. The blue parts of the state will be more solid blue -- and many purple parts of the state will doppler out of red and into the Democratic column.


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