Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PostHeaderIcon CNN's Mark Preston -- "Analysis"

Okay, let's start with the teaser headline -- which pretty much tells you what's going to happen in this "analysis":

"Analysis: McCain is No Bush, Campaign Says"

Then we get the so-called "analysis", which is nothing more than a regurgitation of the talking points from the McSame campaign folks -- which, in a nutshell lies about McSame's "breaks" with the Bushes -- which were never that much of a break: tax cuts (hated 'em before I embraced them); torture (hated it until I needed to embrace it)... just watch him debate himself!

I guess my biggest problem with this so-called "analysis" is that it's tied to the final paragraph:

And, of course, McCain will take the time to speak directly to the scrum of reporters on his bus and plane, who he hopes will help him amplify his message in the closing months of the campaign.

Wonder if Preston will get to sit in the nice chair and bring McSame some doughnuts with sprinkles...


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