Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon One Pound a Week

I started (officially) my diet to lose 1 pound per week for the next 40 weeks. I may lose more, but I won't lose less -- and the pound per week will be my monthly average, as I know how things flucuate.

According to Nutrition Data, for my height (6'3") / weight (275) / proportions (long torso), I have a BMI of 34.2 and a daily caloric need of around 3400 calories to maintain my current weight & BMI.

My goal weight is 225, which would bring my BMI down to 28. (I know, it should be around 18-24, but let's get to 28 first!)

Am I doing anything fancy? Nope. Just portion control. So calorie counting it is -- and adjusting the diet to be more oriented towards veggies, fruits and healthy choices.

So far this week, I'm averaging a caloric intake of about 2000 - and I'm not feeling hungry (much!).

The recipe portion of this blog will go dietary for a while as well. ;-)


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